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Sample Display for Recruiting Prayer Partners

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Key Documents

All display materials available in the links below.

Coordinator Guide - explains what a coordinator is and how they help in this important mission

Coordinator Adopt-a-Day Guide - responsibilities of a coordinator who Adopts-a-Day for peaceful, prayerful vigil

Prayer Partner Fact Sheet - details on where to park, where to stand and basic facts to prepare for the day

Statement of Peace - All prayer partners are required to sign this statement.

Code of Conduct - Guidelines that all prayer partners should observe

Sign-up Sheet for Vigil Hours (Excel version) - List to record vigil hour sign-up and contact info for prayer partners.

Sign-up Sheet for Vigil Hours (PDF version)

Sample parish-wide email (Word file) - ideas to help the coordinator communicate with the parish

Sample parish-wide website (Word file) - ideas to share on the parish website

Sample pulpit announcements (Word file) - ideas to help the coordinator speak from the pulpit

Sample emails to volunteers / prayer partners (Word file) - ideas to help the coordinator keep volunteers informed

Sample "fill the gap" handout (PDF file) (PDF file 4 on sheet) - encourage individuals to sign up for unfilled hours

Sample bulletin inserts and pamphlets (PDF file) (Publisher file) - ideas for flyers, pamphlets and bulletin inserts

Note: There is no preview available for this file. After clicking on the link, download the file and then open it in Microsoft Publisher.

Prayer Card - Prayer for Conversion and Healing

Pregnancy Resource Center Card - Small card with phone # and website information for local pregnancy resource centers.

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