Calendar to Adopt-A-Day and Fill-the-Gaps

Calendar with Sign Up Links

One of the tenets of the 40 Days for Life Campaign is peaceful prayer at the abortion facility.  Having a physical presence at the abortion facility has a powerful impact - it can increase the "no-show" rate for scheduled appointments to 75%.

You can help the Granite City 40 days for Life Campaign by either adopting a day or filling-the-gap.  Our goal is to have peaceful volunteers praying for 12 hours each day for 40 days (7 am - 7 pm each day with 2 people praying each hour).

You can help by adopting a full or half day and coordinating volunteers to pray that day or you can "fill-the-gap" by signing-up for a single hour or multiple hours on a day that has not been fully adopted.  See the calendar below for days that are still available for adoption or for days that urgently need volunteers so that all 12 hours are filled with peaceful prayer.