Code of Conduct

All 40 days for life prayer volunteers please read!

The 40 days for life team would like to remind everyone that this is meant to be a peaceful, prayerful witness united in Christian love. With that in mind, please keep to the following code of conduct:

Safety First! – You may walk along the sidewalk, but do not stand in the street, obstruct the clinic entrance, or block people walking on the sidewalk.

Respect the Law – 40 Days For Life is designed to work within the law; it is not the place for civil disobedience or violence. Any misconduct from passersby should be met with silence. Please show love and compassion toward abortion facility workers, volunteers, and customers.

Sign Usage – Please use only the signs provided to you by the 40 Days For Life team. “Silent No More” members may hold their “I Regret My Abortion” signs, but only women who have had abortions may hold those signs.

Resource Box - Never leave signs or box unattended on sidewalk!

No Political Activity – Please no political activity of any kind.

Children are Welcome – Keep children close and encourage them to pray or play quietly and safely.

Food – Please refrain from eating during your shift unless medical necessity requires it. Only small children should be eating during the vigil.

Prayerful Witness – Pray however you like, all we ask is that you remain in prayer for the entirety of your shift.

Parking – Please park along any of the side streets where it is legal.

Additional Guidelines – Please stand on sidewalk, or grass between sidewalk and street outside of clinic. We are not allowed on Clinic property at any time.